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CD Sony Classical 88697638552 (Sony) / EAN 0886976385521
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1.Main Title
2.Vaudeville Routine [Harr Palmer's Act]
Jimmy K. Metcalfe & Company
3.The Doll Shop, Part 1
4.Oh Beautiful Doll
5.The Doll Shop, Part 1 continued (extended version)
6.Don't Leave Me, Daddy
7.Oh, You Beautiful Doll [reprise]
8.The Doll Shop, Part 2
9.By The Beautiful Sea
10.Darktown Strutters Ball (extended version)
11.For Me And My Gal
12.The Confession
Vaudeville Montage
13.When You Wore A Tulip
14.Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You [outtake]
15.Do I Love You?
16.It Started With Eve
17.A Women's Prerogative
18.After You've Gone
19.The Spell Of The Waltz [outtake]
20.Love Song (extended version)
21.A Dream Crashes
22.I'm Sorry I Made You Cry [outtake]
23.Tell Me [outtake]
24.Tell Me [reprise]
25.Till We Meet Again
26.We Don't Want Bacon, What We Want Is A Piece Of The Rhine (extended version) [alternative ending]
27.Ballin' The Jack
28.The Small Time (extended version)
29.What Are You Going to Do About The Boys? (extended version)
30.How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em down On The Farm?
31.There's A Long, Long Tail
32.Where Do We Go From Here?
Y.M.C.A. Montage
33.Over There - It's A Long Way To Tipperary [Part 1]
34.Y.M.C.A. Montage Continued - Goodbye Broadway, Hello France [Part 2]
35.Yankee Doodle - Smiles [Part 3]
36.Hincky Dinky Parlay Voo - Oh, Frenchy [Part 4]
37.Y.M.C.A. Montage Continued - Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag And Smile, Smile, Smile [Part 5]
38.When Johnny Comes Marching Home (extended version)
39.Finale [For Me And My Gal reprise]
Supplemental Material
40.Main Title (alternative version)
41.Dear Old Pal Of Mine [outtake]
42.Smiles (extended version) [outtake]
43.Three Cheers For The Yanks [outtake]
44.For Me and My Gal (original) [finale/outtake]

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