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Composers, writer and producers
The KLF, Bill Drummond, Jimi Cauty, James Cauty, William Drummond


Discography Singles

Doctorin' The Tardis (The Timelords)KLF23.05.1988
Kylie Said To JasonKLF Communications31.07.1989
What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral)GIG1989
3 A.M. EternalINDISC1990
Justified & AncientBlow Up01.03.1991
Last Train To TrancentralBlow Up22.04.1991
America: What Time Is Love?Blow Up01.10.1991
Discography Albums - Studio

Chill OutKLF Communications05.02.1990
The White RoomKLF01.03.1991
Waiting For The Rights Of Mu (Kopyright Liberation Front)Echo Beach13.10.1997

The KLF in Swiss Charts


What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral)11.11.1990234
3 A.M. Eternal24.02.1991415
Last Train To Trancentral16.06.1991619
It's Grim Up North (The Jams)15.12.1991261
Justified & Ancient05.01.1992224
America: What Time Is Love?08.03.1992315

The White Room24.03.19911312

Songs by The KLF

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***k The Millennium (2K)
3 A.M. Eternal
3AM Somewhere Out Of Beaumont
A Melody From A Past Life Keeps Pulling Me Back
America No More
America: What Time Is Love?
Born Free
Brownsville Turnaround On The Tex-Mex Border
Build A Fire (The KLF vs. Glove)
Build A Fire
Church Of The KLF
Doctorin' The Tardis (The Timelords)
Dream Time In Lake Jackson
Elvis On The Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul
Go To Sleep
It's Grim Up North (The Jams)
Justified & Ancient
Justified & Ancient (The KLF vs. Deichkind)
Justified & Ancient (The KLF vs. Mathias Schaffhäuser)
Justified And Ancient Seems A Long Time Ago
K Cera Cera (War Is Over If You Want It) (The K Foundation Presents The Red Army Choir)
Kylie Said To Jason
Kylie Said Trance
Last Train To Trancentral
Madrugada Eterna
Make It Rain
Make It Rain (The KLF vs. Moritz R.)
No More Tears
Pulling Out Of Ricardo And The Dusk Is Falling Fast
Rock Radio Into The Nineties And Beyond
Six Hours To Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Gold
The Lights Of Baton Rouge Pass By
The Magnificent (The One World Orchestra feat. The Massed Pipes And Drums Of The Children's Free Revolutationary Volunteer Guards)
The Rites Of Mu (Kopyright Liberation Front)
The White Room
Trancentral Lost In My Mind
Waiting (Kopyright Liberation Front)
What Time Is Love? (The KLF vs. Ricardo Villalobos)
What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral)
Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard

Albums by The KLF

Chill Out
The White Room
Waiting For The Rights Of Mu (Kopyright Liberation Front)

The best rated songs by The KLF

All songs with at least 5 reviews are counted in this list.
Last Train To Trancentral1104.83
What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral)854.81
Justified & Ancient1564.81
The White Room114.64
3 A.M. Eternal994.47
Make It Rain154.33
America: What Time Is Love?764.3
Church Of The KLF104.3
Doctorin' The Tardis (The Timelords)514.1
Build A Fire134.08

The most known songs by The KLF

All songs with at least 5 reviews are counted in this list.
Justified & Ancient1564.81
Last Train To Trancentral1104.83
3 A.M. Eternal994.47
What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral)854.81
America: What Time Is Love?764.3
Doctorin' The Tardis (The Timelords)514.1
It's Grim Up North (The Jams)223.91
Make It Rain154.33
Build A Fire134.08
No More Tears123.83

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