Gloria Estefan

Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Gloria M. Estefan

Songs by Gloria Estefan

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Andrew Lloyd WebberOpening Ceremony Barcelona 1992 Games1992Music/Lyrics
Anita MeyerAnything For You
Cover version of Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine - Anything For You
Azúcar MorenoNo será fácil1994Music/Lyrics
Belle PerezGloria Estefan Medley2002Music/Lyrics
Celia CruzSazon1993Music/Lyrics
Christopher BarkerDon't Wanna Lose You Now
Cover version of Gloria Estefan - Don't Wanna Lose You
Desaster AreaHere We Are1990Music/Lyrics
DiscokidsLet's Get Loud
Cover version of Jennifer Lopez - Let's Get Loud
DJ MauriceLet's Get Louder2009Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanA bailar2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanA Little Push2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanAlong Came You (A Song For Emily)1996Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanAlways Tomorrow1992Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanAmor fatal1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanAy, ay, ay amor2004Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanAy, Ay, I1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanCaridad2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanChristmas Through Your Eyes1992Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanClose My Eyes1991Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanComing Out Of The Dark1990Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanCon los años que me quedan1993Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanCorazón prohibido1998Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanCuba Libre1998Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanCuba libre (español)1998Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanCuts Both Ways1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanDangerous Game2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanDesde la oscuridad1991Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanDestiny1996Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanDon't Let This Moment End1998Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanDon't Wanna Lose You1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanEl día que me quieras2013Producer
Gloria EstefanEmbraceable You2013Producer
Gloria EstefanEsperando (Cuando Cuba sea libre)2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanEsta fiesta no va' acabar2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanEu sei que vou te amar
Cover version of Sylvia Telles - Eu sei que vou te amar
Gloria EstefanFamous2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanGo Away1992Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanGood Morning Heartache
Cover version of Billie Holiday - Good Morning Heartache
Gloria EstefanHablemos el mismo idioma1993Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanHeat2011Producer
Gloria EstefanHere We Are1987Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanHotel Nacional2011Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanHow Long Has This Been Going On2013Producer
Gloria EstefanHoy2003Producer
Gloria EstefanI Can't Believe2011Producer
Gloria EstefanI Know You Too Well1996Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanI Will Always Need Your Love2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanI Wish You2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanIf We Were Lovers1993Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanI'm Not Giving You Up1996Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanIn The Meantime2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanInto You2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanI've Grown Accustomed To His Face
Cover version of Rex Harrison - I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
Gloria EstefanLet's Get Loud2011Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanLive For Loving You1991Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanLo nuestro2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanMake Me Say Yes2011Producer
Gloria EstefanMake My Heart Go2011Producer
Gloria EstefanMe odio2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanMedicine2011Producer
Gloria EstefanMi buen amor1993Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanMi tierra1993Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanMientras tanto2003Producer
Gloria EstefanMiss Little Havana2011Producer
Gloria EstefanNayib's Song (I Am Here For You)1991Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanNo hay mal que por bien no venga1993Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanNo llores2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanNo me dejes de querer2000Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanNo me vuelvo a enamorar1985Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanNothin' New1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanOn2011Producer
Gloria EstefanOye1998Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanOye (español)1998Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanOye mi canto (Hear My Voice)1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanOye mi canto [Spanish]1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanPath Of The Right Love1996Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanPintame de colores2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanQue ça ne finisse jamais1998Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanReach1996Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanReal Woman1998Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanRemember Me With Love1991Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanRight Away2011Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanSay Ay2011Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanSay Goodbye2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanSe tenho que te perder1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanSeal Our Fate1991Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanSex In The 90's1991Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanSi voy a perderte1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanSo Good2011Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanSteal Your Heart1996Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanTe amare2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanTe amare (Spanish)2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanThe Day You Say You Love Me2013Music/Lyrics
(Gloria M. Estefan)
Gloria EstefanThe Way You Look Tonight
Cover version of Fred Astaire - The Way You Look Tonight
Gloria EstefanThey Can't Take That Away From Me
Cover version of Fred Astaire - They Can't Take That Away From Me
Gloria EstefanTime Is Ticking2011Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanTime Waits2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanToda pra você (Here We Are - Portuguese Version)1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanTouched By An Angel1998Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanTradición1993Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanTu fotografía2003Producer
Gloria EstefanTu sais je vais t'aimer2013Producer
Gloria EstefanVolverás1993Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanVolveré2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanWepa2011Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanWepa (Spanish)2011Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanWhat A Difference A Day Makes
Cover version of The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra - What A Diff'rence A Day Made
Gloria EstefanWhat A Wonderful World
Cover version of Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World
Gloria EstefanWrapped2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanYo no cambiaría2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanYo sé te voy a amar2013Producer
Gloria EstefanYou2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanYou Can't Walk Away From Love2001Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanYou Made Me Love You
Cover version of Al Jolson - You Made Me Love You
Gloria EstefanYoung At Heart
Cover version of Frank Sinatra - Young At Heart
Gloria EstefanYour Love Is Bad For Me1989Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanYour Picture2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine1-2-31987Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound MachineAnything For You1987Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound MachineCan't Stay Away From You1987Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound MachineGive It Up1987Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound MachineNo te olvidare1987Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound MachineRhythm Is Gonna Get You1987Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan feat. Carole KingNatural Woman2013Producer
Gloria Estefan feat. Chrissie HyndeOne Name2003Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan feat. Fat JoeMe odio2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan feat. PitbullNo llores2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan feat. Wisin Y YandelNo llores2007Music/Lyrics
Gloria Estefan with Laura PausiniSonríe
Cover version of Alfred Newman Orchestra - Smile
(Gloria M. Estefan)
Gloria Estefan with Laura PausiniSorridi
Cover version of Alfred Newman Orchestra - Smile
Grant & ForsythAnything For You
Cover version of Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine - Anything For You
Il DivoDon't Wanna Lose You (Si voy a perderte)
Cover version of Gloria Estefan - Don't Wanna Lose You
Jennifer LopezLet's Get Loud1999Music/Lyrics
Jennifer LopezOn The 6 Megamix2000Music/Lyrics
Johan VeugelersSchreeuw het uit
Cover version of Jennifer Lopez - Let's Get Loud
Jon SecadaAngel (Spanish)1992Music/Lyrics
Jon SecadaComing Out Of The Dark2005Music/Lyrics
Jon SecadaOtro día más sin verte
Cover version of Jon Secada - Just Another Day
Jon SecadaTuyo1994Music/Lyrics
Katherine Jenkins mit Laszlo MaleczkyAmigos para siempre
Cover version of José Carreras & Sarah Brightman - Amigos para siempre (Friends For Life)
Kris Kross Amsterdam x The Boy Next Door feat. Conor MaynardWhenever
Cover version of Shakira - Suerte
Los ManolosAmigos para siempre (Friends For Life)
Cover version of José Carreras & Sarah Brightman - Amigos para siempre (Friends For Life)
Cover version of Shakira - Suerte
(Gloria M. Estefan)
Meiju SuvasPalaat luoksein mun1996Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineA toda maquina1984Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineBaila conmigo (Lanca perfume)1981Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineCada dia1980Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineComunicacion1984Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineCorazon de fiesta1982Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineDevuelveme el amor1982Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineDingui-Li-Bangue1982Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineDon't Stop Now1979Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineEntrégate1984Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineHas logrado olvidar1981Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineLove Me1984Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineMe enamore1981Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineNo sera facil1982Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineOK (Spanish)1982Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineQue triste es volver a empezar1984Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineQuiereme mas1981Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineToda tuya (Todo dia eva Dia de indio)1982Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineTu sabes quererme1982Music/Lyrics
(Gloria M. Estefan)
Miami Sound MachineUn amor especial1979Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineWhen Someone Comes Into Your Life1984Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineWords Get In The Way1985Music/Lyrics
Miami Sound MachineYo tambien quiero bailar (Es tambien quiero beijar)1982Music/Lyrics
PemaLet's Get Loud2003Music/Lyrics
Santana feat. Gloria EstefanBesos de lejos2014Music/Lyrics
(Gloria M. Estefan)
SeikoGoodbye My Baby1990Music/Lyrics
ShakiraEyes Like Yours
Cover version of Shakira - Ojos así
(Gloria M. Estefan)
ShakiraWhenever Wherever
Cover version of Shakira - Suerte
ThaliaCon los años que me quedan2012Music/Lyrics
The BaseballsLet's Get Loud
Cover version of Jennifer Lopez - Let's Get Loud
Wesley (Klein)Dans met mij de hele nacht
Cover version of Jennifer Lopez - Let's Get Loud
Willeke AlbertiWant ik kan echt niet zonder jou
Cover version of Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine - Can't Stay Away From You
XandeeCuts Both Ways
Cover version of Gloria Estefan - Cuts Both Ways
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