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Lenny Waronker

Songs von Lenny Waronker

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Addrisi BrothersGood News1968Produzent
Addrisi BrothersTime To Love1968Produzent
Arlo Guthrie1913 Massacre1972Produzent
Arlo GuthrieAlice's Rock & Roll Restaurant1969Produzent
Arlo GuthrieAnytime1972Produzent
Arlo GuthrieBallad Of Tricky Fred1971Produzent
Arlo GuthrieBling Blang1974Produzent
Arlo GuthrieChildren Of Abraham1974Produzent
Arlo GuthrieComing In To Los Angeles1969Produzent
Arlo GuthrieCooper's Lament1973Produzent
Arlo GuthrieCowboy Song1973Produzent
Arlo GuthrieCreole Belle1969Produzent
Arlo GuthrieDays Are Short1972Produzent
Arlo GuthrieDeportees (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)1974Produzent
Arlo GuthrieEvery Hand In The Land1969Produzent
Arlo GuthrieFance Post Blues1970Produzent
Arlo GuthrieFarrell O'Gara1973Produzent
Arlo GuthrieGabriel's Mother Highway Ballad # 16 Blues1970Produzent
Arlo GuthrieGates Of Eden
Cover von Bob Dylan - Gates Of Eden
Arlo GuthrieGo Down Moses1974Produzent
Arlo GuthrieGypsy Davy1973Produzent
Arlo GuthrieHard Times1974Produzent
Arlo GuthrieHobo's Lullaby
Cover von Goebel Reeves - Hobo's Lullaby
Arlo GuthrieI Could Be Singing1970Produzent
Arlo GuthrieI Want To Be Around1970Produzent
Arlo GuthrieIf You Would Just Drop By1970Produzent
Arlo GuthrieIntroduction1970Produzent
Arlo GuthrieLast To Leaves1971Produzent
Arlo GuthrieLast Train1973Produzent
Arlo GuthrieLay Down Little Doggies1970Produzent
Arlo GuthrieLightning Bar Blues
Cover von Hoyt Axton - Lightnin' Bar Blues
Arlo GuthrieLiving In The Country
Cover von Pete Seeger - Living In The Country
Arlo GuthrieLovesick Blues
Cover von Elsie Clark - Lovesick Blues
Arlo GuthrieMaplevie 20% Rag1972Produzent
Arlo GuthrieMe And My Goose1974Produzent
Arlo GuthrieMiss The Mississippi & You
Cover von Jimmie Rodgers [1897-1933] - Miss The Mississippi And You
Arlo GuthrieNostalgia Rag1974Produzent
Arlo GuthrieOh In the Morning1969Produzent
Arlo GuthrieOklahoma Hills
Cover von Jack Guthrie - Oklahoma Hills
Arlo GuthriePercy's Song
Cover von Fairport Convention - Percy's Song
Arlo GuthriePresidential Rag1974Produzent
Arlo GuthrieRamblin' Round1973Produzent
Arlo GuthrieRunning Down The Road1969Produzent
Arlo GuthrieSailor's Bonnett1973Produzent
Arlo GuthrieShackles And Chains1971Produzent
Arlo GuthrieSomebody Turned On The Light1972Produzent
Arlo GuthrieStealin'
Cover von Memphis Jug Band - Stealin', Stealin'
Arlo GuthrieThe City Of New Orleans
Cover von Steve Goodman - City Of New Orleans
Arlo GuthrieThis Troubled Mind Of Mine1973Produzent
Arlo GuthrieUkulele Lady
Cover von Irving Kaufman - Ukulele Lady
Arlo GuthrieUncle Jeff1973Produzent
Arlo GuthrieValley To Pray1970Produzent
Arlo GuthrieWashington County1970Produzent
Arlo GuthrieWeek On The Rag1973Produzent
Arlo GuthrieWheel Of Fortune1969Produzent
Arlo GuthrieWhen The Cactus Is In Bloom1974Produzent
Arlo GuthrieWhen The Ship Comes In
Cover von Bob Dylan - When The Ship Comes In
Arlo GuthrieWon't Be Long1974Produzent
Brian WilsonRio Grande1988Produzent
Chunky, Novi & ErnieCan't Get Away From You1977Produzent
Chunky, Novi & ErnieDidn't Wanna Hurt Cha For Another Guy1977Produzent
Eric ClaptonForever Man1985Produzent
Eric ClaptonSee What Love Can Do1985Produzent
Eric ClaptonSomething's Happening1985Produzent
Goldie HawnCarey
Cover von Joni Mitchell - Carey
Goldie HawnCloudy Summer Afternoon1972Produzent
Goldie HawnI Wanna Roo You1972Produzent
Goldie HawnMy Blue Tears
Cover von Dolly Parton - My Blue Tears
Goldie HawnPasadena1972Produzent
Goldie HawnRing Bell1972Produzent
Goldie HawnThe House Song
Cover von Peter, Paul & Mary - The House Song
Goldie HawnWynken, Blynken And Nood1972Produzent
Goldie Hawn & The BuckaroosI'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Cover von Bob Dylan - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Goldie Hawn & The BuckaroosUncle Pen1972Produzent
Goldie Hawn & The Jimmy Joyce SingersButterfly
Cover von Danyel Gérard - Butterfly
Gordon LightfootA Minor Ballad1967Produzent
Gordon LightfootAffair On 8th Avenue1968Produzent
Gordon LightfootAlberta Bound1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootApproaching Lavender1970Produzent
Gordon LightfootBaby It's Allright1970Produzent
Gordon LightfootBeautiful1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootBlack Day In July1967Produzent
Gordon LightfootBrave Mountaineers1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootCanadian Railroad Trilogy1967Produzent
Gordon LightfootCan't Depend On Love1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootCarefree Highway1973Produzent
Gordon LightfootChristian Island1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootCircle Of Steel1973Produzent
Gordon LightfootCobwebs & Dust1970Produzent
Gordon LightfootCold On The Shoulder1974Produzent
Gordon LightfootCrossroads1967Produzent
Gordon LightfootDaylight Katy1977Produzent
Gordon LightfootDon Quixote1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootDream Street Rose1980Produzent
Gordon LightfootDreamland1977Produzent
Gordon LightfootEndless Wire1977Produzent
Gordon LightfootFarewell To Annabel1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootFor Lovin' Me
Cover von Peter, Paul & Mary - For Lovin' Me
Gordon LightfootGhosts Of Cape Horn1980Produzent
Gordon LightfootGo Go Round1966Produzent
Gordon LightfootHangdog Hotel Room1977Produzent
Gordon LightfootHey You1980Produzent
Gordon LightfootHigh And Dry1973Produzent
Gordon LightfootHi'way Song1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootHome From The Forest1967Produzent
Gordon LightfootI'd Do It Again1976Produzent
Gordon LightfootIf Children Had Wings1977Produzent
Gordon LightfootIf There's A Reason1977Produzent
Gordon LightfootIf You Could Read My Mind1970Produzent
Gordon LightfootIf You Got It1967Produzent
Gordon LightfootIf You Need Me1980Produzent
Gordon LightfootI'll Be Alright1966Produzent
Gordon LightfootI'm Not Sayin'1965Produzent
Gordon LightfootI'm Not Supposed To Care1976Produzent
Gordon LightfootIs There Anyone Home1973Produzent
Gordon LightfootIt's Worth Believin'1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootLazy Mornin'1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootLooking At The Rain1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootMake Way (For The Lady)1980Produzent
Gordon LightfootMe And Bobby McGee
Cover von Roger Miller - Me And Bobby McGee
Gordon LightfootMinstrel Of The Dawn1970Produzent
Gordon LightfootMister Rock Of Ages1980Produzent
Gordon LightfootMother Of A Miner's Child1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootMy Pony Won't Go1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootNever Too Close1976Produzent
Gordon LightfootOde To Big Blue1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootOld Dan's Records1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootOn Susan's Floor1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootOn The High Seas1980Produzent
Gordon LightfootOrdinary Man1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootPoor Little Allison1970Produzent
Gordon LightfootProtocol1976Produzent
Gordon LightfootRace Among The Ruins1976Produzent
Gordon LightfootRainy Day People1974Produzent
Gordon LightfootRosanna1967Produzent
Gordon LightfootSaturday Clothes1970Produzent
Gordon LightfootSea Of Tranquility1980Produzent
Gordon LightfootSecond Cup Of Coffee1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootSeven Island Suite1973Produzent
Gordon LightfootSit Down Young Stranger1970Produzent
Gordon LightfootSometimes I Don't Mind1977Produzent
Gordon LightfootSomewhere U.S.A.1973Produzent
Gordon LightfootSong For A Winter's Night1967Produzent
Gordon LightfootSongs The Minstrel Sang1977Produzent
Gordon LightfootSpanish Moss1976Produzent
Gordon LightfootSteel Rail Blues1965Produzent
Gordon LightfootSummertime Dream1976Produzent
Gordon LightfootSundown1973Produzent
Gordon LightfootSweet Guinevere1977Produzent
Gordon LightfootThat Same Old Obsession1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootThe Auctioneer1979Produzent
Gordon LightfootThe Circle Is Small (I Can See It In Your Eyes)
Cover von Gordon Lightfoot - The Circle Is Small (I Can See It In Your Eyes) [1968]
Gordon LightfootThe House You Live In1976Produzent
Gordon LightfootThe List1973Produzent
Gordon LightfootThe Patriot's Dream1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootThe Pony Man1970Produzent
Gordon LightfootThe Watchman's Gone1973Produzent
Gordon LightfootThe Way I Feel1965Produzent
Gordon LightfootThe Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald1976Produzent
Gordon LightfootToo Late For Prayin'1973Produzent
Gordon LightfootToo Many Clues In This Room1976Produzent
Gordon LightfootWalls1967Produzent
Gordon LightfootWherefore And Why1967Produzent
Gordon LightfootWhisper My Name1980Produzent
Gordon LightfootYou Are What I Am1972Produzent
Gordon LightfootYour Love's Return (Song For Stephen Foster)1970Produzent
Harpers Bizarre59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy)
Cover von Simon & Garfunkel - The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
Harpers BizarreAll Through The Night1969Produzent
Harpers BizarreAnything Goes
Cover von Ethel Merman - Anything Goes
Harpers BizarreBattle Of New Orleans
Cover von Jimmie Driftwood - Battle Of New Orleans
Harpers BizarreBlackbird
Cover von The Beatles - Blackbird
Harpers BizarreBoth Sides Now
Cover von Judy Collins - Both Sides Now
Harpers BizarreBye, Bye, Bye / Vine Street1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreChattanooga Choo Choo
Cover von Glenn Miller & His Orchestra / Tex Beneke with Paula Kelly & The Modernaires - Chattanooga Choo Choo
Harpers BizarreCome Love1966Produzent
Harpers BizarreCome To The Sunshine1966Produzent
Harpers BizarreCotton Candy Sandman (Sandman's Coming)1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreFunny How Love Can Be1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreGreen Apple Tree1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreHappy Talk1966Produzent
Harpers BizarreHappyland1966Produzent
Harpers BizarreHard To Handle
Cover von Otis Redding - Hard To Handle
Harpers BizarreHey, You In The Crowd1967Produzent
Harpers BizarreHigh Coin1967Produzent
Harpers BizarreI Can Hear The Darkness1966Produzent
Harpers BizarreI Love You Alice B. Toklas1969Produzent
Harpers BizarreI Love You, Mama1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreIf We Ever Needed The Lord Before1970Produzent
Harpers BizarreI'll Build A Stairway To Paradise1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreJessie1967Produzent
Harpers BizarreKnock On Wood
Cover von Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood
Harpers BizarreLas Mananitas1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreLeaving On A Jet Plane
Cover von John Denver - Babe, I Hate To Go
Harpers BizarreLook To The Rainbow1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreLost My Love Today1966Produzent
Harpers BizarreLouisiana Man1967Produzent
Harpers BizarreMad1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreMalibu U.1967Produzent
Harpers BizarreMe, Japanese Boy1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreMilord
Cover von Edith Piaf - Milord
Harpers BizarrePeter And The Wolf1966Produzent
Harpers BizarrePocketful Of Miracles1967Produzent
Harpers BizarrePoly High1970Produzent
Harpers BizarreRaspberry Rug1966Produzent
Harpers BizarreSentimental Journey
Cover von Les Brown & His Orchestra / Vocal Chorus by Doris Day - Sentimental Journey
Harpers BizarreSimon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear1966Produzent
Harpers BizarreSit Down, You're Rocking The Boat1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreSmall Talk1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreSnow1967Produzent
Harpers BizarreSoft Soundin' Music1969Produzent
Harpers BizarreSomething Better1969Produzent
Harpers BizarreThe Biggest Night Of Her Life1967Produzent
Harpers BizarreThe Debutante's Ball1966Produzent
Harpers BizarreThe Drifter1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreThere's No Time Like Today1969Produzent
Harpers BizarreThis Is Only The Beginning1967Produzent
Harpers BizarreTwo Little Babes In The Wood1967Produzent
Harpers BizarreVirginia City1967Produzent
Harpers BizarreWhen I Was A Cowboy1968Produzent
Harpers BizarreWhen The Band Begins To Play1969Produzent
Harpers BizarreWitchi Tai To1969Produzent
Harpers BizarreYou Need A Change1967Produzent
James TaylorA Junkie's Lament1976Produzent
James TaylorAngry Blues1975Produzent
James TaylorCaptain Jim's Drunken Dream1976Produzent
James TaylorDaddy's All Gone1976Produzent
James TaylorDon't Be Sad 'Cause Your Sun Is Down1976Produzent
James TaylorEverybody Has The Blues1976Produzent
James TaylorFamily Man1976Produzent
James TaylorGolden Moments1976Produzent
James TaylorGorilla1975Produzent
James TaylorHow Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
Cover von Marvin Gaye - How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
James TaylorI Can Dream Of You1976Produzent
James TaylorI Was A Fool To Care1975Produzent
James TaylorLighthouse1975Produzent
James TaylorLove Songs1975Produzent
James TaylorMexico1975Produzent
James TaylorMoney Machine1976Produzent
James TaylorMusic1975Produzent
James TaylorNothing Like A Hundred Miles1976Produzent
James TaylorSarah Maria1975Produzent
James TaylorShower The People1976Produzent
James TaylorSlow Burning Love1976Produzent
James TaylorSteamroller1970Produzent
James TaylorWandering1975Produzent
James TaylorWoman's Gotta Have It
Cover von Bobby Womack - Woman's Gotta Have It
James TaylorYou Make It Easy1975Produzent
Maria MuldaurAny Old Time
Cover von Jimmie Rodgers [1897-1933] - Any Old Time
Maria MuldaurAs An Eagle Stirreth In Her Nest1976Produzent
Maria MuldaurBack My Fall1976Produzent
Maria MuldaurBrickyard Blues1974Produzent
Maria MuldaurCool River1974Produzent
Maria MuldaurDon't You Feel My Leg (Don't You Get Me High)1973Produzent
Maria MuldaurGringo en Mexico
Cover von Wendy Waldman - Gringo en Mexico
Maria MuldaurHoney Babe Blues1974Produzent
Maria MuldaurI Can't Stand It
Cover von The Soul Sisters - I Can't Stand It
Maria MuldaurI Never Did Sing You A Love Song1973Produzent
Maria MuldaurIf You Haven't Any Way1974Produzent
Maria MuldaurI'm A Woman
Cover von Christine Kittrell - I'm A Woman
Maria MuldaurIt Ain't The Meat It's The Motion1974Produzent
Maria MuldaurJon The Generator1976Produzent
Maria MuldaurLong Hard Climb1973Produzent
Maria MuldaurLying Song1976Produzent
Maria MuldaurMad Mad Me1973Produzent
Maria MuldaurMidnight At The Oasis1973Produzent
Maria MuldaurMy Tennessee Mountain Home
Cover von Dolly Parton - My Tennessee Mountain Home
Maria MuldaurOh Papa1974Produzent
Maria MuldaurRockin' Chair
Cover von Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra - Rockin' Chair
Maria MuldaurSad Eyes
Cover von Neil Sedaka - Sad Eyes
Maria MuldaurSqueeze Me1974Produzent
Maria MuldaurSweet Harmony
Cover von Smokey Robinson - Sweet Harmony
Maria MuldaurSweetheart1974Produzent
Maria MuldaurThe Work Song1973Produzent
Maria MuldaurThree Dollar Bill1973Produzent
Maria MuldaurTravelin' Shoes1974Produzent
Maria MuldaurVaudeville Man1973Produzent
Maria MuldaurWalkin' One And Only1973Produzent
Maria MuldaurWe Just Couldn't Say Goodbye
Cover von Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians - We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye
Maria MuldaurWild Bird1976Produzent
Michael McDonaldBelieve In It1982Produzent
Michael McDonaldI Can Let Go Now1982Produzent
Michael McDonaldI Gotta Try1982Produzent
Michael McDonaldI Keep Forgettin'
Cover von Chuck Jackson - I Keep Forgettin'
Michael McDonaldIf That's What It Takes1982Produzent
Michael McDonaldLosin' End1982Produzent
Michael McDonaldLove Lies1982Produzent
Michael McDonaldNo Such Luck1982Produzent
Michael McDonaldPlayin' By The Rules1982Produzent
Michael McDonaldThat's Why1982Produzent
Nancy SinatraFlowers In The Rain
Cover von The Move - Flowers In The Rain
Nancy Sinatra feat. Ry CooderHook And Ladder1968Produzent
Paul SimonAllergies1983Produzent
Paul SimonCars Are Cars1983Produzent
Paul SimonHearts And Bones1983Produzent
Paul SimonRené And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War1982Produzent
Paul SimonSong About The Moon1983Produzent
Paul SimonThe Late Great Johnny Ace1983Produzent
Paul SimonThink Too Much, Pt. A1983Produzent
Paul SimonThink Too Much, Pt. B1983Produzent
Paul SimonTrain In The Distance1981Produzent
Paul SimonWhen Numbers Get Serious1983Produzent
Randy NewmanA Few Words In Defense Of Our Country2008Produzent
Randy NewmanA Piece Of The Pie2008Produzent
Randy NewmanBack On My Feet Again1974Produzent
Randy NewmanBaltimore1977Produzent
Randy NewmanBet No One Ever Hurt This Bad
Cover von Alan Price Set - No One Ever Hurt So Bad
Randy NewmanBirmingham1974Produzent
Randy NewmanBrothers2017Produzent
Randy NewmanBurn On1972Produzent
Randy NewmanChristmas In Capetown1982Produzent
Randy NewmanCowboy1968Produzent
Randy NewmanDavy The Fat Boy1968Produzent
Randy NewmanDayton, Ohio - 19031972Produzent
Randy NewmanEasy Street2008Produzent
Randy NewmanEvery Man A King1974Produzent
Randy NewmanFeels Like Home
Cover von Linda Ronstadt - Feels Like Home
Randy NewmanGhosts1979Produzent
Randy NewmanGod's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind)1972Produzent
Randy NewmanGuilty
Cover von Bonnie Raitt - Guilty
Randy NewmanHalf A Man1979Produzent
Randy NewmanHarps And Angels2008Produzent
Randy NewmanHave You Seen My Baby1970Produzent
Randy NewmanHe Gives Us All His Love1972Produzent
Randy NewmanI Love L.A.1982Produzent
Randy NewmanI Think He's Hiding1968Produzent
Randy NewmanI Think It's Going To Rain Today
Cover von Julius La Rosa - I Think It's Going To Rain Today
Randy NewmanIf You Need Oil1970Produzent
Randy NewmanI'll Be Home
Cover von Nilsson - I'll Be Home
Randy NewmanI'm Different1982Produzent
Randy NewmanIn Germany Before The War1977Produzent
Randy NewmanIt's A Jungle Out There2002Produzent
Randy NewmanIt's Money That I Love1979Produzent
Randy NewmanJolly Coppers On Parade1977Produzent
Randy NewmanKathleen (Catholicism Made Easier)1977Produzent
Randy NewmanKingfish1974Produzent
Randy NewmanKorean Parents2008Produzent
Randy NewmanLast Night I Had A Dream1968Produzent
Randy NewmanLaugh And Be Happy2008Produzent
Randy NewmanLaughing Boy1968Produzent
Randy NewmanLet's Burn Down The Cornfield
Cover von Lee Hazlewood - Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
Randy NewmanLinda1968Produzent
Randy NewmanLittle Criminals1977Produzent
Randy NewmanLiving Without You1968Produzent
Randy NewmanLonely At The Top1971Produzent
Randy NewmanLosing You2008Produzent
Randy NewmanLost Without You2017Produzent
Randy NewmanLouisiana 19271974Produzent
Randy NewmanLove Story1968Produzent
Randy NewmanLover's Prayer1970Produzent
Randy NewmanLucinda1970Produzent
Randy NewmanMama Told Me Not To Come
Cover von Eric Burdon & The Animals - Mama Told Me Not To Come
Randy NewmanMarie1974Produzent
Randy NewmanMemo To My Son1972Produzent
Randy NewmanMiami1982Produzent
Randy NewmanMikey's1982Produzent
Randy NewmanMr. President (Have Pity On The Working Man)1974Produzent
Randy NewmanMr. Sheep1979Produzent
Randy NewmanMy Life Is Good1982Produzent
Randy NewmanNaked Man1974Produzent
Randy NewmanOld Kentucky Home
Cover von The Beau Brummels - Old Kentucky Home
Randy NewmanOld Man1972Produzent
Randy NewmanOld Man On The Farm1977Produzent
Randy NewmanOn The Beach2017Produzent
Randy NewmanOnly A Girl2008Produzent
Randy NewmanPants1979Produzent
Randy NewmanPolitical Science1972Produzent
Randy NewmanPotholes2008Produzent
Randy NewmanPretty Boy1979Produzent
Randy NewmanPutin2017Produzent
Randy NewmanReal Emotional Girl1982Produzent
Randy NewmanRednecks1974Produzent
Randy NewmanRider In The Rain1977Produzent
Randy NewmanRollin'1974Produzent
Randy NewmanRosemary1970Produzent
Randy NewmanSail Away1972Produzent
Randy NewmanSame Girl1982Produzent
Randy NewmanShe Chose Me1990Produzent
Randy NewmanShort People1977Produzent
Randy NewmanSigmund Freud's Impersonations Of Albert Einstein In America1977Produzent
Randy NewmanSimon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear1972Produzent
Randy NewmanSo Long Dad1968Produzent
Randy NewmanSong For The Dead1982Produzent
Randy NewmanSonny Boy2017Produzent
Randy NewmanSpies1979Produzent
Randy NewmanSuzanne1970Produzent
Randy NewmanTake Me Back1982Produzent
Randy NewmanTexas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father1977Produzent
Randy NewmanThe Beechive State1968Produzent
Randy NewmanThe Beehive State1968Produzent
Randy NewmanThe Girls In My Life1979Produzent
Randy NewmanThe Great Debate2017Produzent
Randy NewmanThe Story Of A Rock And Roll Band1979Produzent
Randy NewmanThere's A Party At My House1982Produzent
Randy NewmanThey Just Got Married1979Produzent
Randy NewmanUncle Bob's Midnight Blues1970Produzent
Randy NewmanUnderneath The Harlem Moon1970Produzent
Randy NewmanWandering Boy2017Produzent
Randy NewmanWedding In Cherokee County1974Produzent
Randy NewmanWilliam Brown1979Produzent
Randy NewmanYellow Man1969Produzent
Randy NewmanYou Can Leave Your Hat On1972Produzent
Randy NewmanYou Can't Fool The Fat Man1977Produzent
Randy Newman & Paul SimonThe Blues1982Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesA Lucky Guy1981Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesAfter Hours (Twelve Bars Past Goodnight)1979Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesChuck E.'s In Love1979Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesCompany1979Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesCoolsville1979Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesDanny's All-Star Joint1979Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesEasy Money
Cover von Lowell George - Easy Money
Rickie Lee JonesLiving It Up1981Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesNight Train1979Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesOn Saturday Afternoons In 19631979Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesPirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)1981Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesSkeletons1981Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesThe Last Chance Texaco1979Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesThe Returns1981Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesTraces Of The Western Slopes1981Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesWe Belong Together1981Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesWeasel And The White Boys Cool1979Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesWoody And Dutch On The Slow Train To Peking1981Produzent
Rickie Lee JonesYoung Blood1979Produzent
Robert Randolph & The Family BandBack To The Wall2011Produzent
Robert Randolph & The Family BandSalvation2011Produzent
Robert Randolph & The Family BandWalk Don't Walk
Cover von Prince & The New Power Generation - Walk Don't Walk
Ry CooderAlimony1970Produzent
Ry CooderAvailable Space1970Produzent
Ry CooderAx Sweet Mama1972Produzent
Ry CooderBilly The Kid1971Produzent
Ry CooderBoomer's Story1972Produzent
Ry CooderCerry Ball Blues1972Produzent
Ry CooderCherry Ball Blues1972Produzent
Ry CooderComin' In On A Wing And A Prayer1972Produzent
Ry CooderCrow Black Chicken1972Produzent
Ry CooderDark End Of The Street
Cover von James Carr - The Dark End Of The Street
Ry CooderDark Is The Night1970Produzent
Ry CooderDenomination Blues1971Produzent
Ry CooderDitty Wa Ditty1974Komponist
Ry CooderDo Re Mi1970Produzent
Ry CooderF.D.R In Trinidad1971Produzent
Ry CooderFool For A Cigarette/Feelin' Good1974Komponist
Ry CooderFrance Chance1970Produzent
Ry CooderGoin' To Brownsville1970Produzent
Ry CooderGood Morning Mr. Railroad Man1972Produzent
Ry CooderGreat Dreams From Heaven1971Produzent
Ry CooderHey Porter1971Produzent
Ry CooderHow Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live1970Produzent
Ry CooderHow Can You Keep Moving (Unless You Migrate Too)1972Produzent
Ry CooderHow Can You Keep On Moving1971Produzent
Ry CooderIf Walls Could Talk1974Komponist
Ry CooderIt's All Over Now
Cover von The Valentinos - It's All Over Now
Ry CooderJesus On The Mainline1974Produzent
Ry CooderMaria Elena1972Produzent
Ry CooderMarried Man's A Fool1974Komponist
Ry CooderMexican Divorce1974Komponist
Ry CooderMoney Honey
Cover von Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters - Money Honey
Ry CooderOld Kentucky Home
Cover von The Beau Brummels - Old Kentucky Home
Ry CooderOn A Monday1971Produzent
Ry CooderOne Meat Ball1970Produzent
Ry CooderPig Meat1970Produzent
Ry CooderPolice Dog Blues1970Produzent
Ry CooderPresident Kennedy1972Produzent
Ry CooderRally 'Round The Flag1972Produzent
Ry CooderTamp 'Em Up Solid1974Produzent
Ry CooderTattler1974Produzent
Ry CooderTaxes On The Farmer Feed Us All1971Produzent
Ry CooderTeardrops Will Fall1971Produzent
Ry CooderVigilante Man
Cover von Woody Guthrie - Vigilante Man
The Beau BrummelsAn Added Attraction (Come And See Me)1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsAnd I've Seen Her1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsAre You Happy1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsBless You California1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsCherokee Girl1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsDeep Water1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsDon't Make Promises
Cover von Tim Hardin - Don't Make Promises
The Beau BrummelsDown To The Bottom1975Produzent
The Beau BrummelsFirst In Line1975Produzent
The Beau BrummelsGate Of Hearts1975Produzent
The Beau BrummelsGoldrush1975Produzent
The Beau BrummelsI'm A Sleeper1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsIt Won't Get Better1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsJessica1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsLift Me1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsLittle Bird1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsLong Walking Down To Misery1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsLove Can Fall A Long Way Down1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsMagic Hollow1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsNine Pound Hammer
Cover von Merle Travis - Nine Pound Hammer
The Beau BrummelsOld Kentucky Home1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsOnly Dreaming Now1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsPainter Of Women1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsSinging Cowboy1975Produzent
The Beau BrummelsTennessee Walker1975Produzent
The Beau BrummelsThe Keeper Of Time1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsThe Loneliest Man In Town1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsThe Lonely Side1975Produzent
The Beau BrummelsThe Wolf Of Velvet Fortune1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsToday By Day1975Produzent
The Beau BrummelsTriangle1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsTurn Around1968Produzent
The Beau BrummelsTwo Days 'Til Tomorrow1967Produzent
The Beau BrummelsWolf1975Produzent
The Beau BrummelsYou Tell Me Why1965Produzent
The Doobie BrothersBeehive State
Cover von Randy Newman - The Beehive State
The Doobie BrothersChicago1971Produzent
The Doobie BrothersCloser Every Day1971Produzent
The Doobie BrothersFeelin' Down Farther1971Produzent
The Doobie BrothersGreenwood Creek1971Produzent
The Doobie BrothersGrowin' A Little Each Day1971Produzent
The Doobie BrothersIt Won't Be Right1971Produzent
The Doobie BrothersSlippery St. Paul1971Produzent
The Doobie BrothersThe Master1971Produzent
The Doobie BrothersTravelin' Man1971Produzent
The Everly BrothersI Wonder If I Care As Much1957Produzent
The Everly BrothersIllinois1968Produzent
The Everly BrothersIt's My Time
Cover von John D. Loudermilk - It's My Time
The Everly BrothersLess Of Me
Cover von Glen Campbell - Less Of Me
The Everly BrothersLiving Too Close To The Ground1968Produzent
The Everly BrothersMama Tried
Cover von Merle Haggard And The Strangers - Mama Tried
The Everly BrothersMontage: The Everly Family (1952), Shady Grove, Kentucky1968Produzent
The Everly BrothersShady Grove1968Produzent
The Everly BrothersSing Me Back Home
Cover von Merle Haggard And The Strangers - Sing Me Back Home
The Everly BrothersT For Texas1968Produzent
The Everly BrothersTurn Around1968Produzent
The Everly BrothersVentura Boulevard1968Produzent
The Everly BrothersYou Done Me Wrong1968Produzent
The Gregg Allman BandBrightest Smile In Town1977Produzent
The Gregg Allman BandBring It On Back1977Produzent
The Gregg Allman BandCome And Go Blues1977Produzent
The Gregg Allman BandCryin' Shame1977Produzent
The Gregg Allman BandIt Ain't No Use1977Produzent
The Gregg Allman BandLet This Be A Lesson To Ya1977Produzent
The Gregg Allman BandMatthew's Arrival1977Produzent
The Gregg Allman BandOne More Try1977Produzent
The Gregg Allman BandSweet Feelin'1977Produzent
The Mojo MenDon't Leave Me Crying Like Before1966Produzent
The Mojo MenMake You At Home1967Produzent
The Mojo MenMe About You
Cover von The Turtles - Me About You
The Mojo MenSit Down, I Think I Love You1966Produzent
The Mojo MenWhatever Happened To Happy?1967Produzent
Tom NorthcottCities Make The Country Colder1969Produzent
Tom NorthcottThe Rainmaker1969Produzent
Van Dyke ParksAll Golden1967Produzent
Van Dyke ParksBy The People1967Produzent
Van Dyke ParksColours
Cover von Donovan - Colours
Van Dyke ParksLaurel Canyon Blvd.1967Produzent
Van Dyke ParksPalm Desert1967Produzent
Van Dyke ParksPot Pourri1967Produzent
Van Dyke ParksPublic Domain1967Produzent
Van Dyke ParksThe Attic1967Produzent
Van Dyke ParksVan Dyke Parks1967Produzent
Van Dyke ParksVine Street1967Produzent
Van Dyke ParksWidow's Walk1967Produzent